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Welcome to Beach Biscuit®, where our small family business is all about our love for our pets and the beach!  Located in the South Carolina lowcountry, our humble beginnings started with a desire to give our dogs simple, healthy treats.  Before we knew it, we were providing our signature treats to pups near and far!  And when we couldn’t find fun and durable dog collars we liked, we got out the sewing machines and created our line of beautiful Beach Biscuit collars, which are now worn by thousands of lucky dogs all over the US!  And now, working with some very talented local artisans, we’re able to offer dog lovers our line of coastal themed jewelry and art items.  We are proud to say ALL Beach Biscuit® products are hand crafted.  No big factory, no mass production, and we don’t cut corners!  This is a labor of love, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

About Our Collars:  Beach Biscuit® collars, leashes and harnesses are hand crafted using the highest quality hardware & strapping available.  We use the strongest contoured side release buckles; and heavy welded nickel plated steel rings.  Our strapping is heavy duty rated, yet is soft, comfortable, and won’t irritate sensitive skin.  We triple stitch all stress points, and our signature finishing process leaves NO rough edges on the collar that could rub your pup’s skin.  And our d-rings are placed away from the clasp so there’s no annoying hardware clanking!  Designer ribbons in colorful, summery patterns give our collars the coastal flair we love.  And we don’t try to use your dog as free advertising by sticking a label on top of the pattern that you bought the collar for in the first place! Our label is discreetly placed on the underside…. where we think a label should be.
*Please measure your dog’s neck for correct size prior to ordering to avoid exchanges
*Items are hand crafted and may have up to .5″ variances.
*Care instructions:  Soak in warm soapy water, or place collar in a wash bag for gentle machine washing. Hang Dry.
*Decorative ribbon can be sensitive to harsh use; such as biting, chewing, nail scratching.
*Do not use this product for tie-outs….. better yet, don’t tie your dog up outside. It’s not very nice.

Why the name Beach Biscuit?  Well, our original name was Beach Beggin’…until a big pet food corporation decided people would think our hand crafted items were actually made by their factory (as if!).  Their legal team sent some ugly letters, and long story short, we changed our name.  We make our products by hand, and we know that makes them better.  And what else is better homemade?  Biscuits!!!  So here we are, Beach Biscuit.  Making the products you love, with love.  

Beach On Friends!

Melissa Christian – Owner, dog mom
Bluffton, SC – Lowcountry USA

Beach Biscuit® is a Registered Trademark


Featured in Hilton Head Monthly, August 2016!

Melissa Christian’s biscuit business started from a somewhat selfish place: She wanted better treats for her dogs.

“We were shopping at Christmastime for our dogs’ Christmas stockings, and every package we looked at had more chemical-sounding ingredients than actual food ingredients,” she says. “We were pretty shocked. I kept saying, ‘This is gourmet?’”

Christian thought she could come up with something better, so instead of buying pre-packaged treats, she bought a cookie cutter in the shape of a dog bone and then headed home to get baking.

“I wanted to keep it simple and easy to digest,” she says. Her first concoction, which remains the business’s mainstay cookie, has just four ingredients:  whole wheat, oats, bare peanut butter, and local honey. The result was an instant favorite among her dogs, 9-year-old Australian shepherd mix siblings Bella and Brewster. (She has since added 7-month-old rescue pup Birdie to the family.)

“The first batch I baked, our dogs responded very differently than we had ever seen,” Christian says. “They were savoring it instead of just swallowing it.” She gave some of the treats to friends and neighbors, and their dogs responded similarly.

After witnessing such a strong reaction, Christian’s entrepreneurial spirit came to life. She traded in the bone-shaped cookie cutter for beach-themed shapes she found online — shells, seahorses and fish — and came up with a business plan. Though she lived in Atlanta at the time, Christian decided to combine her love of dogs and her love for the beach to form Beach Beggin’.


At first, she continued with her full-time management job in the telecommunications field, baking and selling beach-themed dog biscuits on the side. “After one season, I knew I wanted to do this full time, and I wanted it to be here,” she says of Hilton Head Island. She and her husband already owned property in Bluffton, so in the spring of 2015 they broke ground on what was supposed to be their retirement house, tailoring the kitchen design to Christian’s burgeoning business.“We built the house specific to the business,” she says. “I have nine racks of convection baking. And we didn’t do a typical island like most people would do. Instead I have a professional prep table where we do all the rolling and stuff like that.”
This wasn’t Christian’s first foray into entrepreneurship. In 2006, she left her office job to start her own interior design business, a passion she’d had that might have taken off had the country not been sliding into a recession and housing market decline at the time.“I was very passionate about it and I enjoyed doing it, I loved being a business owner, but my timing could not have been worse,” she says.  Though she ended up returning to her office job, Christian tucked away the design skills she’d learned and used them when designing their Bluffton house.  She also has called upon other insights she gained as a business owner.“I’m really glad I stopped saying things like ‘I can’t. I don’t know how,’” she says. “It’s easy to take a failure and let it define you. But if you step back and look at the roadmap that is your life, you can start to see where those bumps in the road take you off course and put you where you needed to be.  ”What started with selling dog treats at farmers markets has grown to include beach-themed dog collars, key chains and bracelets, sold both at farmers markets, local retailers and on her website, www.beachbiscuitlove.com.“The collars really just started because I couldn’t find cute collars for my dogs. I wanted them to have coastal collars and I couldn’t find them. “Now it’s one of the largest segments of our business. People love the collars.”When local retailers asked her to add beach-themed key chains, the savvy businesswoman knew there was only one answer. “I thought ‘Sure, I can learn how to do that,’ so I did.” She now has three part-time employees helping her bake, package and sew her wholesale and retail orders. She says vacationers who return to the island each year have made her part of their vacation tradition, and local residents have become her loyal consumer base, which is her favorite part of being a business owner.“You hear it’s all about location, but I think business is all about people,” she says. “A lot of my customers have become my friends. I know their dogs’ names. I love that personal connection I make with people.”

Five Things About Melissa Christian

On other Beach Biscuit flavors: Instead of honey, we sometimes use in-season fruit like blueberry or peach.

On having dogs: I’ve always been a dog person, but as a child we never had a dog. So when I went out on my own and had the space for one, that’s the first thing I did. I can’t imagine my life without them.

Favorite vacation spot: Europe. We do independent travel; I plan everything. We don’t do group tours.

On living in Bluffton: We love it. It is everything we wanted and expected and more. We still have friends and family back in Atlanta, but I have not hit Interstate 16 since the day I moved here.

On the secret to business success: Don’t worry about failure. Failing is easy; anyone can do that. So if you’re going to fear anything, fear success and how you’ll handle it.


                                                                                      The original beach beggars, Bella & Brewster