Wholesale Program

Beach Biscuit® products are available to qualifying retailers at wholesale prices.  Please see the below information detailing how to join the program, rules and restrictions, and other pertinent information.  If you have additional questions, please contact melissa@beachbiscuitlove.com.   Thank you!

1. Register and create a beachbiscuitlove.com wholesale account account: Registration Page
Please provide all pertinent information for approval.

2.  We will email you once you are an approved user, and you may begin shopping.

3.  As an approved wholesale customer, when logged-in you will be automatically directed into the Beach Biscuit wholesale site.   Wholesale prices will be reflected, and only products available through wholesale will be represented.

Order Requirements and Restrictions:  

1– First order minimum is $225 (after wholesale discount applied).  Reorder minimum is $75 (after wholesale discount applied).  Please contact us if you are needing only a few items to restock particular styles, and we will work with you to get you what you need.

2– Wholesale prices reflected are up to 51% off our online retail prices.  Wholesale pricing cannot be used in conjunction with any Beach Biscuit promotions or sales.

3– All orders will be reviewed before processing to ensure requirements are met.  If we are unable to fulfill any part of your order as provided, you will be notified via email and given the opportunity to edit the order.  If no response within 72 business hours, or if you so choose, your order may be canceled and refunded.

Beach Biscuit® Wholesale Benefits and Information

All products are will be shipped within 6 weeks of ordering.  Each product will have an attached gloss print hang tag which includes the Beach Biscuit® logo and any applicable product and/or size information. Blank space is left available on back of tag for store pricing and labeling.  Beach Biscuit® products are not currently SKU’d.

All wholesale sales are final.  Beach Biscuit® products go through a rigorous quality check process prior to shipment.  However, please inspect products upon delivery and notify us within 72 hours of receipt if any defect is found so that we may make corrections.

If you are interested in carrying Beach Biscuit® dog treats in your retail store, please contact melissa@beachbiscuitlove.com for additional information.  Beach Biscuit turtles available in all markets.  Beach Biscuit cookies only available in HHI local area due to shipping constraints.  Order maximums are applicable for all treat products.

Beach Biscuit® Wholesale Program rules, restrictions, and discounts may be updated as necessary without notice.  Please check this page for any program changes.

Beach Biscuit® Wholesale Rules/Disclaimers

Brick and Mortar Only Retail Only.  Retailer may sell Products only to end-user consumers, and only at Retailer’s brick and mortar locations noted on the Wholesale Application.  The Retailer agrees not to sell the Products to any other third party, wholesaler or reseller that would resell the Products to any party.  Retailer agrees not to market or sell the Products through Amazon, nor any auction websites using a bidding process, including, without limitation to Ebay.com, Craigslist.com, or through co-op sales.

Intellectual Property Rights; Limited Trademark Authorization: Retailer acknowledges and agrees that Beach Biscuit® is the exclusive owner of all rights in and to all trademarks, marks, trade names, copyrights, patents (pending or approved), designs, logos, work in progress, and other intellectual property rights of any type or nature associated with or included with the Products, including without limitation, any documentation concerning the use, development, manufacture, sale, marketing or operation of the Products (the “Intellectual Property”). Retailer shall not modify, disassemble, decompile, adapt, alter, translate, or create derivative works from any materials associated or included with, or embedded into, any Product. Retailer will not do anything to compromise Beach Biscuit® rights in and to its trademark, nor shall it adapt, use, file or attempt to file anywhere in the world any trademarks, trade names, patents, logos or other Intellectual Property which are identical or confusingly similar to Beach Biscuit® Intellectual Property. Upon termination of this Agreement, all rights granted herein shall be immediately revoked without the need for any further writing, and Retailer shall immediately discontinue use of the Beach Biscuit® trademark, including, but not limited to, any use which may have previously been authorized by Beach Biscuit®. The Retailer shall not use any other logo, trademark, tradename or service mark in combination with the Beach Biscuit® trademark or other Beach Biscuit® Intellectual Property. The Retailer has no right to sublicense, transfer or assign the use of the Beach Biscuit® trademark for any purpose other than the limited purposes described herein. Retailer shall not register or use the Beach Biscuit® trademark as part of an Internet domain name. All use of the Beach Biscuit®trademark by Retailer shall inure to the sole benefit of Beach Biscuit®.

Exclusivity:  Beach Biscuit®offers no exclusivity agreements to retailers within a specified geographical area.  Beach Biscuit® will work to ensure that Product over-saturation in a specified geographical area does not occur.  Beach Biscuit® will work to ensure Products are not offered by multiple retailers within the same retail development/shopping center.  Retailers are not required to carry Beach Biscuit® Products exclusively in their stores.